Terms & Disclaimers

Payment Terms

All fees paid to Truly Upgrade for optimization and monthly management services are non-refundable.Once the payment amount has been received by the client in full, the initial work will commence.Truly Upgrade reserves the right to pause the work if the payment method is declined.Payment for our services can be made using credit/debit card payment or PayPal.Truly Upgrade does not store any sensitive credit/debit card data on our servers or databases. All data is stored securely by the processing gateway and we do not have direct access to that data.

Client Obligations

The client is expected to provide accurate, complete, and truthful information to Truly Upgrade.The client should have the right and authority to sign and act on this agreement.The client agrees to work closely with Truly Upgrade by providing regular information and feedback, enabling us to make adjustments to the SEO strategy accordingly.

Client Acknowledgments

The client agrees that SEO results take time and should continue services for 12 months. The agreement will renew monthly after the first month. Truly Upgrade cannot control search engine guidelines and may resubmit pages if they are withdrawn. There is no guarantee for top rankings due to changing algorithms and other factors. If clients use premium listing services, they are responsible for fees. Listings may drop and Truly Upgrade will resubmit if necessary.

Assignment of Specific Rights

To receive expert local SEO services from Truly Upgrade, the client agrees to provide the following:Permission for making changes to the Google Business Profile for listing optimization.Full access to Google My Business and analytics.Permission to use the client's email ids for the purpose of requesting backlinks.Permission to add the client's business info to online directories to enhance visibility.

Truly Upgrade's Obligations

Truly Upgrade is not responsible for any changes to the website or SEO done by the client.We retain the right to cancel or terminate the client's account and deny any and all present or future use of our services.We agree to make every effort to keep clients informed about every development in an SEO campaign.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Truly Upgrade provides recommendations regarding current Search Engine Optimization tactics that should improve your website's performance in search engine ranking. However, Truly Upgrade is not responsible for the algorithms used by major search engines to rank web pages, nor can we predict future algorithm changes.


Both the client and Truly Upgrade undertake to keep confidential any information disclosed to each other and not use it for any other reason than the performance of our obligations under this agreement.The client shall not publish the content of the contract, reports, presentations, and other communications by Truly Upgrade without our prior written permission.

Website Testimonial Disclaimer

Testimonials on the site reflect real-life experiences of users and their personal opinions. However, these experiences may not be representative of all users, and individual results may vary. Testimonials are reviewed and may be edited for grammar or length. Views expressed belong solely to the user and we are not affiliated with them, nor do we compensate them for their testimonials

Liability Terms

Truly Upgrade is not liable for losses or damages due to technical failures. We cannot guarantee error-free service and are not responsible for damages to the client or third parties. Information exchanged will be kept confidential and not used for any other purpose. The client may not publish any communications without our prior written permission.